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The Leva Foundation


The Leva Foundation was formed by us, Vinex Slavyantsi, and our Swedish partner Giertz Vinimport in 2008. The need for social change and economic support to marginalized groups was then and still is very big in Bulgaria. At  Vinex Slavyantsi we had for a long time had the desire to do something to change the status quo in the region and to help its development with “wisdom, patience and positive thinking for the future”. In Sweden Fairtrade wines had been popular for many years and now the idea to do something similar in Bulgaria came up. The Leva Foundation was born.

The name LEVA stands for life, strength and prosperity. In Swedish “LEVA” means “to live”, in old Bulgarian it means “LIONS” (strength) and it is also the money in Bulgaria (which can symbolize prosperity).

The activities of the foundation is financed by the successful sale of LEVA wines both in Bulgaria and abroad. The main export markets are Sweden, Canada and Belgium. Since the start of the foundation over € 200 000 (approx. € 25 000 a year) has been given to our local communities to fund education, healthcare and social- and cultural activities.

The aim of the foundation is to support the social integration of ethnic minorities in our region by securing a better future for these groups and strengthen the bonds in our community. The Roma children are the future of the region and also the future for the winery. Education is the key factor to success and will give people the necessary skills for findings jobs, many of which exist in the production of wine. We believe that grape growing and wine production can be the future for Roma communities in Bulgaria.


“A good jobb, great colleagues and a great place to have a lunchbreak.

What more could you wish for?”