Fair for Life – A social & fair trade certification.

LEVA Foundation is Fair for Life Certified. That includes all Social Responsibility standards with fair working conditions, environmental performance and community relations, but focuses additionally on fair trade relationships, fair prices and direct support of marginalised groups by means of a Fair Trade Development Fund. Fair for Life Fair Trade means long-term and trusting cooperation between partners, transparent price setting negotiations and prices, including a Fair Trade Premium, that allow for social development of the concerned communities. A Fair Trade Policy defines the beneficiaries of Fair Trade and confirms the social commitment of the production company.

It also confirms that workers enjoy fair and safe working conditions covering all key labour aspects from core ILO workers rights to good employment conditions. It also evaluates the operator’s overall environmental performance and its role and impact in the local community. For Life Certification confirms that a company is committed to act as a responsible employer and promoter of sustainable practices and that producer groups have transparent internal structures with fair relations to producers.

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