“Wisdom, patience and positive thinking for the future.”

The LEVA wines are produced by Vinex Slavyantsi in the district of Rose Valley in south-eastern Bulgaria. LEVA is much more than just a wine – it is also a social- and Fair trade program for the people in our region, many of whom are from the Roma community and many of these people have a difficult life. To improve the situation the LEVA Foundation was founded in 2008 and in 2014 we took the next step when our winery was the first wine producer in Bulgaria to become certified ”Fair for Life”. This international certification is a guarantee to both our employees and customers that we take social responsibility and that our products are fair trade, friendly to the environment as well as contributing to a fair economy and positive social development in our area.

  • For our workers it means being treated with dignity, security and safety at work, salaries being paid, and that their human rights are being respected.
  • For our customers it means knowing that buying our product not only includes good taste and pleasure, but also contributes to both social- and environmental sustainability.
  • And for the community at large it means that the children, our future, is given a chance to a better life.

“A good jobb, great colleagues and a great place to have a lunchbreak.What more could you wish for?”

South Eastern Bulgaria
Vinex Slavyantsi is located in Rose Valley not so far from the Black Sea in South Eastern Bulgaria. Our area has a long wine tradition that goes back over 1000 years.